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Google AI Writes Dark Poetry after Reading Romantic Books

After reading 3,500 books on love and love poetry, Google’s Artificial Intelligence wrote one of the creepiest poems. Creating Artificial Intelligence could not be complete without the robot being able to understand human-based emotions. But, how well Artificial Intelligence understands the emotions, is another aspect. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of Google spoke with grammatical accuracy […]

Pizza Hut New employs, robot workers

A former McDonald’s CEO warned this week that companies will replace human workers with robots if the minimum wage is raised above $15. But that possibility has already become a reality for Pizza Hut waiters. Pizza Hut has partnered with MasterCard to deploy robotic waiters to its restaurants in Asia. The robots, named Pepper, can […]

Russia To Develop ‘Iron Man’ Robot Soldiers, Whole World Hides

The Russian military looks set to revolutionise war with the creation of ‘robot soldiers’. Meet Ivan the Terminator, Russia’s answer to, well, The Terminator. This terrifying new robot soldier is part of the country’s latest high-tech weaponry push to compete with other world superpowers including the U.S. and China. According to Russian newspaper Komosomolskaya Pravd, the […]

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