Today Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 Tuesday

Today Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 is Here Today 19-2-2019. The uniqueness of Sthree Sakthi Lottery is its price only Rs (INR) 30 and its prize is 65,00,000/- (INR).
Today Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS-145 Draw on every Friday. Today is the SS-145 successful draw of Sthree Sakthi lottery that held at 3 pm, and today Nirma lottery results will be published on Kerala official website Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 result announced at Sree Chithira Home Auditorium Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.

        Today Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-138 result Kerala Tuesday 19-2-2019


Today Kerala Lottery Results Sthree Sakthi SS-145 First prize is :6,000,000/- (INR).

SJ 908313 (PALAKKAD)


Consolation Prize- Rs. 8,000/-

– SA 908313 SB 908313 SC 908313 SD 908313
SE 908313 SF 908313 SG 908313 SH 908313
SK 908313 SL 908313 SM 908313


Sthree Sakthi

Today Lottery SS-145 result 2nd Prize- Rs :500,000/-

SB 499619 (THRISSUR)


Today Result Sthree Sakthi Lottery NR-145 3rd Prize- Rs :100,000/-

0121 0468 0640 1067 3242
4969 6115 6686 7117 7146
7979 9209




Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 Today 4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

1901 3025 3618 4988 5646
7442 8554 9591

Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 Today 5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-

0116 0513 0634 1103 1188
2504 3343 3697 4171 4253
4430 5518 5736 5792 6460
7743 8452 8650 9469 9651


Sthree Sakthi

Lottery SS-145 result 6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-

0164 0422 0440 0832 1256
1849 2122 2155 2546 2690
2949 3359 3402 3716 3729
3730 3820 3968 4351 4505
4799 4922 4989 5624 5807
6767 6773 6890 6988 7413
7636 8020 8332 9042 9391



Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 result   7th Prize- Rs. 500/-

0182 0226 0273 0487 0618
0914 1097 1918 2524 2732
2869 3157 3196 3405 3415
3468 3506 3590 4143 4154
4455 4520 4605 4853 5349
5351 5668 5718 6141 6478
6588 6617 6777 7062 7067
7245 7316 8271 8467 8560
9124 9360 9517 9539 9827



Sthree Sakthi

Lottery SS-145 8th Prize- Rs. 100/-

0019 0034 0069 0098 0140
0374 0453 0463 0537 0685
1198 1368 1485 1492 1624
1629 1635 1660 1729 1755
1778 1825 1864 1925 1957
1984 1990 2075 2125 2142
2271 2273 2309 2398 2416
2556 2672 2803 2830 2877
3331 3391 3582 3751 3837
3845 3860 3907 4001 4102
4109 4274 4341 4388 4502
4549 4971 5036 5045 5545
5766 5858 5870 6107 6372
6446 6601 6641 6662 6667
6719 6735 6739 6790 6869
7162 7283 7290 7454 7557
7923 7994 7996 8003 8072
8250 8266 8450 8894 9071
9108 9173 9194 9223 9224
9455 9586 9679 9716 9968

Coagulation from our team, If your number is on the list of lucky draw. Please check again carefully

Today Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS-145 

Kerala State Lotteries is a Greet lottery scheme that runs by the
Under supervision state of Kerala Established in 1967. In 1967 the Government banned all of the private lotteries that were running in the State of Kerala. The Finance Minister of state P.K KunJu Sahib
Deliver this idea and make a new Lottery department under its
Supervision. He wants to provide employees with their country peoples and support its Government without disturbing their country peoples.
This Department became a real model for different states in India. And then man others states started their lotteries
Tickets. This Lottery Department has more than 465 employees under its Directorate; it has 14 District offices and one regional Deputy Directorate. 1st their starting days this department work in the Finance department. And later its brought under the Tax Department.

The Kerala State Lotteries Department Include Different Lottery Draws that have the Different amount of prize. It has also weekly and a Bumper Lotteries Tickets.
Here you can see different types of Kerala lottery results Draw Dates in Week

Kerala State Weekly Lotteries Date and their Amount

Today Win Win Lottery Result Kerala Monday 13-8-2018

Today Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS-145 for lucky members

Kerala Lottery Weekly result conducted at 3:00 pm on the result date.  Lottery department is published their lottery result on their official website on the same day
Kerala Lottery result at the same time announced on Kerala Government Gazette.

The people who win the Kerala Lottery result would have to verify their tickets number with the result that published by Kerala Government in Gazette and get their Prize within 30 days of the result date.

What is Kerala Lottery?

Kerala Lottery was propelled in 1967 as the world’s first lottery website, encouraging on the web lottery ticket buys for clients around the globe.

The organization has become hugely throughout the years and at present has more than 25 worldwide workplaces in nations, for example, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, South Africa, Romania, Kerala, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Since the lottery’s beginning, it has paid out millions in lottery prizes, both of all shapes and sizes, to a large number of players over the globe, and this number is continuously ascending.

Today Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 

  • Kerala lotteries offer secure online ticket buys for more than 45 lotteries around the world, enabling clients to play the world’s best lotteries regardless of where they live.
  • Today Kerala Lottery nearby workplaces purchase the tickets from authority lottery retailers for the client’s benefit, examine the cards and transfer them into the client’s online record.
  • Kerala Today lotteries likewise offer an extensive exhibit of online lottery administrations, including the arrangement of far-reaching on the web lottery data and lottery results for more than 80 lotteries, made accessible in 13 dialects.
  • Kerala lottery result additionally gives lottery-related news and stories on its site. Clients can buy into email or SMS alarms for big high stakes, lottery results, or win notices.
  • Today Kerala lottery gives all day, every day proficient lottery bolster. The client bolster group is accessible utilizing email, live talk or telephonically through any of our toll-free numbers.

Kerala state operates Lottery?

Kerala State Lotteries is a lottery program kept running by the Government of Kerala. Set up in 1967, under the lottery branch of the Government of Kerala, it is the first of its kind in India.

In 1967 every single private lottery was prohibited, and the Government of Kerala began the Kerala State Lotteries. The thought behind the setup of the new division was from the then Finance Minister of the state, P. K. Kunju Sahib. The targets of beginning the program were to give work to individuals and supplement government back without irritating general society.

The division before long turned into a model for different states in India.

“Karunya” Weekly Lottery of Kerala State Lotteries

The office presently has around 465 workers under its Directorate situated at Vikas Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram, 14 District Offices and a Regional Deputy Directorate at Ernakulam. The office which was at first under the Department of Finance later brought under the Taxes Department.

The Kerala State Lotteries included diverse sorts of Lottery Draws with Different Prize structure week after week and few Bumper Lotteries as well. Here we have recorded all the unique kinds of Kerala Lottery results with their particular discharge date.

Can I play Kerala lottery from my country?

Indeed, you can play any of our online lotteries from anyplace on the planet. Kerala lottery gives a comprehensive lottery benefit in that we work as dispatches for your sake. We buy your lottery tickets for you and handle everything all the way. This administration empowers you to play lotteries from different nations.

Where can I see the lottery tickets purchased for me?

Indeed, you can play any of our online lotteries from anyplace on the planet. The Lottery gives a comprehensive lottery benefit in that we work as dispatches for your sake. We buy your lottery tickets for you and handle everything all the way. This administration empowers you to play lotteries from different nations
How I find out when I win a Kerala lottery prize?

When you win, Kerala lottery will advise you of your prize through mechanized email. Your record will be credited with your rewards consequently. You can likewise see your win and the relating draw subtle elements whenever in the Wins segment of your online file.

You can even buy into Kerala lottery free SMS win alarms and get win warnings straightforwardly to your cell phone. On account of a significant win, our committed every minute of every day client bolster group will get in touch with you instantly.

How can I sure to receive my Kerala winning Lottery?

Kerala lottery is committed to giving you the administration you pay for, which implies that you have a case for any lottery prizes that you win. Kerala lottery furnishes you with a proof-of-procurement as a checked duplicate of your ticket, which you will have the capacity to see in your online record. As another evidence of ticket possession, you will likewise get an affirmation email at the season of ticket buyers, itemizing your transaction.

Kerala lottery’s commitment to pay all required funds is point by point in writing in the Lotter’s Terms of Use.

These three things – the checked duplicate of the ticket, the affirmation email and the Terms of Use build up you as the legitimate proprietor of the card, and certification your case to the map and any prize it might win. Besides working as a dispatch for your sake, the Lottery holds no legitimate evidence to your tickets or your wins.

As a regarded and legitimate ticket delivery person benefit, the Lottery has a demonstrated reputation of paying out lottery prizes of all shapes and sizes to a great many victors from everywhere throughout the world. With any worries, please observe point by point data clarifying why the Lottery protected.

How can I receive my money if I win?

All prizes won through the Lottery are without commission, which implies that you will get 100% of your win.

Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 

Optional prizes will exchange to your record after receipt of the award from the official lottery administrator. A few lotteries have diverse prize gathering strategies.

In these cases, Customer Service will direct you through the accumulation procedure until the point when you get your rewards. You may utilize your rewards for future investment in lottery draws or pull back all, or part of the prizes with your assigned installment strategy.

Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS-145 

Big stake victors will be required to gather the prize locally. Kerala lottery may fly you to collect your prize face to face. Our nearby office delegate will give you your winning ticket and give you a nitty-gritty clarification how to gather your win from the official lottery’s office.

For additional data allude to our Terms of Use.

How does the lottery make money?

Kerala lottery infers income by charging a once-off administration expense for each buy. There is no commission charged by Kerala Lottery on any rewards.

The aggregate net measure of what you win through our site is all yours. When you make your buy, you will have the capacity to see the total value that charged for that particular exchange. The ticket cost is unmistakably shown on the ticket buy screen, close by the play catch.

How does the Kerala lottery protect my personal and payment information?

Player security and secrecy are foremost at dailyfeedz. We utilize GeoTrust 128 SSL bit security and HTTPS to scramble the majority of the pages on the site, guaranteeing that your commercial information and private data ensured constantly. A similar abnormal state of security utilized on dailyfeedz’s iPhone, iPad, and Versatile Android applications.

How do I receive my winnings?

Auxiliary rewards pleasure hanged to your record after receipt of the prize from the official lottery administrator. A few lotteries have diverse prize gathering systems. In these cases, Customer Service will control you through the accumulation procedure until the point when you get your rewards.

Today Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS-145 

You may utilize your rewards for future cooperation in lottery draws or pull back all, or part of the awards with your assigned installment technique.

Big stake victors might be required to gather the prize face to face from the official lottery administrator, in which case dailyfeedz may fly the champ there. If you are the victor of a noteworthy lottery prize, you will give data on how to gather your award.

Champs of non-money prizes offered by lotteries and pools will get the financial estimation of the award.

How do I transfer wins from my account to my bank?

To money out assets from your record, if it’s not too much trouble Withdraw and adheres to the on-screen directions to finish the exchange.

If you experience any issues or have any exceptional solicitations if you don’t mind contact Customer Support

What happens when I win the Kerala lottery jackpot?

When you win the significant stake, we will instantly inform you, and an individual from our client administration will reach you specifically to facilitate the gathering of your prize.

On account of a significant stake win, the lottery may pay your movement costs to the area where the ticket obtained. There, you will get the ticket from our neighborhood office supervisor within sight of Kerala lottery right group and continue to the official lottery association to gather your prize face to face.

Today Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi SS-134