Fairfield teen arrested after bringing gun to school


At this Wednesday a 14-year-old student at in Fairfield was arrested after police said he brought a gun and bullets to school then stashed the gun in a campus restroom and hid the bullets in another student’s backpack to avoid getting caught.

The teen, a Fairfield resident whose identity was not released, was booked into the Solano County Juvenile Detention Facility on suspicion of being in possession of a firearm on school grounds, being a minor in possession of ammunition, and destroying or concealing evidence.

School administrators learned he had the weapon around 10:30 a.m. The teen was detained by an assistant principal and a school resource officer, but he only had a live .380 caliber bullet on his person, according to a statement from the Fairfield Police Department.


Staff retracing the student’s steps found the unloaded gun hidden under a trash bin in a restroom. He had also placed the gun magazine, with two bullets, in an unwitting student’s bag, police stated.

Authorities would not disclose how administrators learned of the gun to protect the anonymity of the person who reported the incident, said Sgt. Jeff Osgood, a Fairfield Police spokesman.

“As far as why he had the gun, we really don’t know,” Osgood said. “He was not real responsive to any of the questions we had.”

Police learned enough to conclude he had brought the gun to school, and called the student’s mother to search his home. They found an expended case from a previously fired .380 caliber bullet in his bedroom, Osgood said.

The gun apparently was registered to another adult relative who lives at the home, but it was not believed to belong to his father or mother, Osgood said. The teen had recently taken the gun without permission, police said.