Steph Allegedly Wrote What In Her Post

In an Instagram post (that has since been deleted), the former Hollyoaks actress has said her now ex-boyfriend, has blocked her and she’s been left heartbroken. Not only that, but she’s claimed to be pregnant with his baby. Yep pregnant. Quick, someone get Jeremy Kyle on the phone!


Steph allegedly wrote in the post:
“Yeah I loved him unconditionally, after a week of hell and late phone calls and pain he’s caused I still kept my phone so I could help him. Find out I’m pregnant and he says he doesn’t love me anymore and blocked. Heartbroken. Pain I can’t understand or deal with.”


We haven’t written about Steph and Jezza recently because to be honest, we’re a bit sick of it all and the ENDLESS drama! Are they on? Are they off? Are they back on again?! Quite frankly, we don’t care! However, this latest potential twist has left us pretty speechless…