Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) 16-9-2018 | Kerala Lottery

Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) are Here Today 16-9-2018. The uniqueness of Pournami Lottery is its price only Rs (INR) 30 and its prize is 65,00,000/- (INR).
Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) Draw on every Monday. Today is RN-357 successful draw of Pournami lottery that held at 3 pm and today win win lottery results will be published on Kerala official website Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) are announced at Sree Chithira Home Auditorium Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.

Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) Kerala Sunday16-9-2018


Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) First prize is 65,00,000/- (INR).


Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) Today Consolation Prize- Rs. 8,000/-


Pournami Lottery Today RN357 result 2nd Prize- Rs :1,000,000/-


Today Pournami Lottery RN357 result 3rd Prize- Rs :100,000/-




Pournami Lottery RN357 result Today 4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-


Pournami TodayLottery RN357 result 6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-


Today Pournami Lottery RN357 result   7th Prize- Rs. 500/-


8th Prize- Rs. 100/-





Coagulation  from our team, If your number is on the list of lucky draw. Please check again carefully Pournami RN357 results.

Kerala State Lotteries is a Greet lottery scheme, that runs by the
Under supervision state of Kerala Established in 1967. In 1967 the Government banned all of the private lotteries that were running in the State of Kerala. The Finance Minister of state P.K KunJu Sahib
Deliver this idea and make a new Lottery department under its
Supervision. He wants to provide employees with their country peoples and support its Government without disturbing their country peoples.
This Department became a real model for different states in India. And then man others states started their own lotteries
Tickets. This Lottery Department has more than 465 employees under its Directorate, it has 14 District offices and one regional Deputy Directorate. 1st their starting days this department work under Finance department. And later its brought under the Tax Department. The Kerala State Lotteries Department Include Different Lottery Draws that have the Different amount of prize. It has also weekly and a Bumper Lotteries Tickets.
Here you can see different types of Kerala lottery results Draw Dates in Week

Kerala State Weekly Lotteries Date and their Amount

Today Win Win Lottery Result Kerala Monday 13-8-2018

Today Pournami Lottery RN357 result for lucky members

Kerala Lottery Weekly result is conducted at 3:00 pm on the result date.  Lottery department is published their lottery result on their official website on the same day
Kerala Lottery result at the same time announced on Kerala Government Gazette. The people who win the Kerala Lottery result would have to verify their tickets number with the result that published by Kerala Government in Gazette and get their Prize within 30 days of the result date

Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) 16-9-2018 | Kerala Lottery
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Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) 16-9-2018 | Kerala Lottery
Today Pournami Lottery Result (RN-357) 16-9-2018 | Kerala Lottery
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